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VR Rowing ​​​Scenario​​


​ ​VR Rowing 4.png
Date Launched :09/06/2022

Virtual Reality Rowing is a simulation project that aims to exercise and train using virtual reality.

The main goal is to use "motivation" as a way to motivate users for longer and more enjoyable training sessions.

The simulation contains (2) maps based on actual locations of Abu Dhabi:

Eastern Crimea location.​

The Louvre Museum .

Adventures of safety: Tolerance and the Aspiration of Generations

​ ​Adventures of Safety 2.png
Date Launched :09/12/2021​
​A smart interactive electronic game that aims to raise awareness and educate children about the dangers of bullying and how to deal with bullies, as it teaches them skills of coexistence and tolerance with all races and religions in peaceful ways.

​VR Al Murabba Police Museum​ Tour

​​                             ​      HighresScreenshot00003.png
Date Launched:10/10/2021
​It is a virtual tour around the Al Murabba Police Museum located in the city of Al Ain through virtual reality glasses, watching the archaeological artifacts and the stages of police development through the ages, in addition to identifying the most important developments of the Abu Dhabi Police in the past and into our time.

​Safe Driving Simulator

​ ​Driving Simulation 4.png
Date Launched:10/10/2021
​The driving simulation project aims to educate the community and spread the culture of safe driving in addition to educating the community with the texts of the violations committed and the consequences thereof. The project also aims to abide by the basic laws and rules related to traffic​.

​​VR Arson Investigation

​ ​Arson Investigation 1.png
Date Launched:10/10/2021
​The objective of the project is to train investigators virtually on realistic scenarios for the procedures followed in the investigation of arson and unintentional fires, in addition to educating the public on the causes of arson and unintentional fires.​​

​VR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Scenario​​

​ ​Screenshot 2022-06-16 110759.png
Date Launched:09/01/2021
​Clarify real-life threats and how to use first aid to save lives using virtual reality technology>.

​Medina Police Station VR Tour

​​                                   ​  ​ ​vlcsnap-2022-09-28-13h18m40s604.png
Date Launched:22/06/2022
​VR simulation scenario for police services provided in the service centers (Medina Police Station).

​Crime Scene Investigation VR Scenario

​ ​Crime Scene 1.png
Date Launched:22/06/2022

A hypothetical reality scenario for obtaining forensic evidence through a practical test to raise blood or DNA swabs according to ISO17025 specifications, provided that the examiner uploads the following swabs:


1. Raise wet blood smears.

2. Lift dry blood smears.​

3. Lifting of epithelial smears - smears under the nails.​

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